Peppers (Chilli and Sweet)

Botanical Name
Capsicum annuum

Sweet pepper, bell pepper, chilli pepper, cayenne pepper

Peppers both sweet and chilli are cultivated from the same species which once grew in tropical America but no longer grows wild. Peppers have always been considered a great treasure.  During the medieval times they were considered the greatest treasure after gold. Depending on their cultivar Peppers are sweet, pungent or extremely pungent. Sweet peppers are used as a vegetable were as chilli peppers are used to spice dishes. They are very high in vitamin C, tone the appetite, aid digestion, to treat rheumatism and gout. And improve circulation. These plants grow as an annual in fertile, well-drained soil. Peppers are tender to frost and grow to around 70cm in height. Chilli heat varies from mild (jalapeno) to exceeding hold (habanero)

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