Botanical Name

Also known as wild majoranam, joy of the mountain, Mexican sage

Common Oreganum

Oregano Vulgaris

Oregano is typically a culinary herb and used widly in Italin-style cooking. Its distinct flavour is most often found in pasta's, pizza, tomato and chicken. It is a perennial herb which has oval. grey/green leaves. Often creeps. It enjoys full sun and good soil. It reaches a height of 40cm. Medicinally, Oregano is used for fever's colds and indigestion.

Greek Oreganum

Oregano onites

Greek oreganum is a slightly smaller variety of the Oregano species, reaching a height of about 30cm. It forms a small shrub which hosts tiny, delicate flowers. Its flavour is much stronger than that of common oreganum and it is a firm favourite in cooking. It is also used to flavour pasta dishes, tomato dishes and chicken. Medicinally, it has the same uses as common oreganum.

Golden Oreganum

Oregano aureus

Similar to the greek variety in it is size and shape, Golden oreganum grows to a height of 30cm and grows into a small shrub. It is bright gold in colour and a great ornamental herb. It can also be used as a culinary herb and is also used to treat fever colds and indigestion.

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