Botanical Name
L. Angustifolia, L. Latifolia, L. Lanata, L intermedia

L. Angustifolia

Blue River, Munstead Blue, Ashdown Crescent, Miss Katherine, Nana alba, Mailette, Hidcote and many others.

L. Angustifolia are low growing, free flowering plants with very aromatic leaves, popular for essential oil, cooking, medicine and gardens.

L. Latifolia

Occasionally referred to as Spica, is seldom found in South Africa although our L. Intermedia all have L. Latifolia as their ancestor.

L. Lanata

Also known as woolly lavender is occasionally found in this country. These lavender can be grown from seed, as they are fertile.

Two Hybrids occur under this Section:

The most important is an Angustifolia/ Latifolia cross called L INTERMEDIA

Commonly known as Lavandin, it is only just beginning to gain popularity in this country. Popular cultivars include the Giant Hidcote, Grosso, Intermedia, Grappenhall, Christiana, Fragrant Memories, Seal and a host of others. These are widely used in the oil industry. They do not have the high quality oil of L angustifolia but they have good quality oil with a high yield.

The other is a LANATA/ ANGUSTIFOLIA cross. These are small very grey lavenders. A cultivar of this is called Richard Grey.

L. Dentata

Finely toothed leaves, includes the French (Candicans) and the green Dentata - commonly called, Belgian. An attractive variegated variety called the Linda Ligon has recently made its appearance, as has the free flowering Ploughman’s Blue.

L. Allardii

An intersectional hybrid - Dutch Lavender - which is a Lanata/Dentata hybrid. Although it was discovered in France in the late 1800s, an African variety called African Pride has graced South African gardens, also under the name of English Lavender, for many years. This lavender seldom flowers, although the hybrid Goodwin’s Creek, flowers prolifically and is a superior plant to the common L. Allardii

L. Stoechas

Include Spanish, Italian, Avon View, Bower’s Beauty, Helmsdale, Pukehou, Somerset Mist, Wine, Willowbridge, Pedunculata, Marshwood, Kew Red, Pippa

These varieties, have  showy “ears”. They are largely decorative lavender, seldom used in lavender products. An unusual family member is Viridis which is Green or Lemon Scented Lavender.


These lavenders, which smell like wood shavings, are usually ask for under the blanket term - “Australian Lavender”. There are the Pinnata, like the Australian Lavender, and L mulifida and L caneriensis. These lovely plants are very tender but do well in warmer areas. They are heavy feeders by lavender standards.

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